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Our vision

Social entrepreneurship is the approach of using the best practices in both for profit and non-profit sectors to come up with innovative solutions to the various social and economic ills of our world. 

More specifically, social entrepreneurs are socially conscious, business-minded individuals who identify chronic social, and economic problems that affect a certain community and use business principles to create for profit businesses and other social enterprises that address the root causes of these chronic ills.  

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About Us

BYA is a “Social Entrepreneurship Investment Training Program” that builds on the foundation that every human being is born into this world fully equipped, not only to take care of himself or herself, but also to contribute in enlarging the well-being of his or her surrounding communities. 

BYA’s mission is to train a new corps of young and energetic social entrepreneurs who are ethically committed to Move Baltimore forward. 

BYA Social Entrepreneurship Course

Social Entrpreneurship Overview

The "Overview" is to introduce high school students to the concept of social entrepreneurship, to develop skills essential for business, and to give students the opportunity to think and act in enterprising ways.

Social Entrepreneurship Pilot Program

Non-Licensing Track

Our Social Entrepreneurship Pilot Programs are geared towards high school seniors who are preparing to graduate and are uncertain as to whether they will attend college. Our Non-Licensing track will give students the skills, and insight needed to create their our pathway to success.

How shall we make every houseworker and every laborer a demonstrator, a voter, a canvasser and a student? The dignity their jobs may deny them is waiting for them in political and social action.

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.