Dorren Highsmith

Mr. Dorren Highsmith is the Chief Operating Officer of Baltimore Youth in Action and a Eden Community Ventures Corporation’s Board member. He is one of the original members of BYA.  Mr. Highsmith believes that Social entrepreneurship is the key to getting the youth of Baltimore out of the perpetual cycle of poverty and is the first step to produce generational wealth.

He further believes that in our new world of technology, there will be a pressing demand for critical thinkers rather than perfunctory workers.  Mr. Highsmith, moreover, argues that the American Public-School Systems, more specifically Baltimore City’s Public-School System, does not prepare students for the imminent demand of the near future.  Mr. Highsmith wholeheartedly believes that educating the youth of Baltimore City on real estate is critical, not only because it is essential for building generation wealth, but also to create self-sustainable communities and combat gentrification.

Mr. Smith is recent graduate of Paul Laurence Dunbar High School (Class of 2020) and will be attending Frostburg State for college for the Fall semester and majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Finally, he is an internist for Project Destined’s real estate E-learning platform and has worked internships at Sinai hospital in Baltimore.