A letter from the CEO

Hello everyone!

My name is Dale Newton, M.D. and I will be your Course Director for this MOOC course – Parasitic Capitalism – or “Pcap” for short.  The course is divided into three different sections:

Capitalism Logo
Socialism Logo
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You are invited to sign up and take one, two, or all three courses as they become available. However, please be warned that since this is the first time attempting to offer this type of course and material via an online MOOC format, then the information learned in one Section and/or class may change – without notice.


It is a class where people who love capitalism can learn new ways to think about capitalism and how it – through the lens of parasitic capitalism – can be used to make this world a better place to live, work, and play!


Some people may think this new way of thinking and our discussions and approach are purely theoretical in nature – – but what would happen if they became a reality? 


Many of our topics and discussion are ones that are already quite familiar to many people – – such as money, real estate, economics, taxes, poverty, and the capital and financial markets. 


However, some of the things that we’ll be studying and discussing may provoke some unease and result in one rethinking, unlearning, and relearning some things that you thought that you knew.  But rest assured, you are the only one who can decide something and be comfortable with your own personal values, attitudes, and beliefs about anything that we teach. You are always welcome to agree, disagree, to change your mind, or to make up your own mind about anything.


The purpose of the class on capitalism is to use an epistemological approach to help guide our efforts and to assist us as we seek to acquire and create new knowledge, gain insight, and strive to deepen our understanding about capitalism and capitalist markets systems and how they work.

In addition, I want to invite everyone and encourage you to become an active listener and supporter of our Parasitic Capitalism podcast which serves as an online audio and video extension of our MOOC.  The podcast was recently launched and is entitled:


A Podcast Devoted to Ending World Hunger 

Using Real Estate, Intangibles, and the Capitalist Markets